Illinois Child Birth Injuries

Can be caused by Medical Negligence. Birth Injuries increase all types of trauma from fractures to hypoxia at birth. These traumas can cause personal injuries, cognitive injuries and developmental delays.




Cerebral Palsy:  At birth can be legally compensable.  Mild, Moderate or Severe Cerebral Palsy can be a result of negligence at birth.

Catastrophic Injuries: From amputations to wrongful death.

Labor and Delivery:  Mistakes and negligence in the labor and delivery room.

C Section / Caesarian Section: Was there a delay in performing a caesarian section?  Was the caesarian section too late?  Was the caesarian section not performed at all?

Complications of Vaginal Birth: Negligent Delivery.  Negligent use of forceps.  Traumatic birth of any kind.

Prenatal: Failure to provide proper prenatal care.

Fetal Heart Rate:  Failure to monitor; negligent monitoring; failure to interpret readings and take appropriate action; failure to take action when heart rate decelerates.

Fetal Distress:  Failure to monitor; failure to take appropriate action to treat fetal distress.

Spotting: Vaginal Bleeding during labor can be an issue and must be monitored

Fetus: Gestation of 38 – 40 weeks.  The fetus must be monitored throughout

Ruptured Uterus:  During Pregnancy requires immediate delivery

Fetal Monitor: The ability of health care provider (the Ob (obstetrician / registered nurse) RN to monitor the well – being of the fetus.

Forceps: Surgical instrument used to assist in delivery and can cause injury to the fetus

Traumatic Fetal Injury: Must be investigated to determine if negligence exists.

Spinal Cord: Must be protected to prevent injury.  Injury to spinal cord must be investigated.

Complications of Pregnancy: Can be related to negligence and must be investigated.

Ruptured Uterus: Can be caused by negligence and must be investigated.

Brain Injury: Can be related to negligence.  Must be investigated

Nerve Injuries: Can be related to trauma and negligence and must be investigated.

Brachial Plexus:  Severe injury to fetus and can be caused by negligence.  Must be investigated.

Placental Abruption: Can be caused by negligence and must be investigated.

Hypoxia:  Lack of Oxygen to the brain.



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